Steven Askew

Artist, Woodturner, Photographer, Programmer, Maker, Web Designer, Explorer, Bodger, Grower.... Quaestio!

After completing my degree I experimented with many different mediums including photography, CGI, web based works, installations and more. More recently I began working with wood, initially carving and moving into turning. Turning allows me to create a piece of art and a useful object in the same piece.

Turning wood presents plenty of interesting challenges; no two pieces of wood are ever the same. I turn both seasoned and green woods, the contrast between a fully seasoned piece of wood and a freshly cut green piece is incredible, a transformation that is especially visible when turning a bowl from green wood and watching it change shape as it dries out.

"The key to enjoying woodturning is to accept that the wood will have as much influence on the final piece as the turner."
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As a photographer I have always been drawn to abstract, 'odd' images. I always look for the unusual angle or perspective in a composition. I'm particularly drawn to the surprising beauty that can be found in macro images of otherwise mundane objects.

"This is the way I see the world......."